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About Me

Our bodies change as we get older and the way we treat them should also change over time.

'Im just getting old' won't wash with those aches and pains, I'm afraid. Sometime we need a little help along the way and sports massage therapy is a great tool!


Ive had success with a wide range of clients suffering from a vast spectrum of MSK conditions such as Fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions. I work with clients experiencing tension headaches, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and other tendinopathies.


I work with athletes, from runners to figure skaters, children and your every day person suffering acute or chronic pain conditions.

My own journey went from bodybuilding to marathon running to now training callisthenics, so I have a wide knowledge in different training for muscles, how they work and how to get the best out of them to stop your pain problems. 

Sports Massage has aided my journey personally, by improving recovery time, so i can get back into the gym sooner. I also have winged scapulas, which is restrictive with strength and performing certain exercises. Sports Massage has helped me to understand what I need to do to help this condition not effect my training.

I have a strong passion for helping people live a more pain free life, but to also share my knowledge with them and help them to understand their own body and how its functioning.

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